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Felix's Specialist Painting and Decorating Services in Manchester

Improve the appearance of your property today by booking our painting and decorating service in Manchester! We’ll send a team of experienced professionals to your domestic or commercial property – they’ll paint your walls, ceilings, or woodwork for a reasonable fee...

When you contact us on 020 3746 5294 or through our online chat feature you’ll be put through to a help adviser. This expert will take your requirements and calculate a preliminary quote for you that covers the cost of all necessary labour and materials. If you’d like a fixed, final quote you’ll need to arrange an on-site viewing. Want to reach us a different way? Use our booking form. Remember, all facilities are active 24/7.

Felix's Painters and Decorators in Manchester – What’s in it for You?

  • A wide range of paints: the painters and decorators who come to your Manchester property will arrive with numerous water, solvent, and speciality paints
  • Total preparation: your technicians will fill in any holes in your walls, sand down your woodwork, and do even more before starting to paint
  • Round-the-clock customer support: chat to a professional about the services you require whenever you want to
  • Flexible appointment options: we’re happy to work at the weekend or the Bank Holidays at no additional charge to you
  • Amazing ways to make savings: we offer reasonable rates, but you can knock them down even further by booking our flooring too

The Manchester Painting Services We Offer...

Won’t affect any of your other possessions – before your Manchester painting services begin properly your professionals will ensure surrounding floor, furniture, and decorative items are either covered for protection or moved temporarily.

Can include painting your walls and ceilings – if it’s needed, a primer or undercoat will be put down as a base layer. Once this has been done, three coats of paint will be layered on. Your home will then be returned to normal.

Can cover painting your woodwork – first, two coats of primer, dye, or stain will be brushed onto the surface. Second, three coats, of paint, varnish, or oil will also be applied. Third, your premises will be put back to normal. Wondering how your technician will decide which product to use? It depends on your specific needs.

We also offer full property refurbishments, which this service can be a part of.

Who Are Your Manchester Painting and Decorating Technicians?

Only experts who are passionate about quality will perform your Manchester painting and decorating service. These highly skilled, experienced, and background checked technicians will bring a host of industry standard tools with them including rollers, brushes, and pads to get your job done. Hire them today and get the results you deserve.