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Felix's Master Handyman Services Available in Manchester

Keeping your home in good working order can be hard work. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of expert handyman services – they’re ideal for your Manchester property! So when your walls need to be repainted, new furniture assembled, toilets fixed, and more, get in touch with us...

We’ll send you a professional equipped with specialist tools for a reasonable fee. This handyman will be able to take care of tasks ranging from the small and simple, to the large and complex. Want to know more?

You can direct all your enquiries to our customer care representatives on 020 3746 5294. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there’s no bad time to call. And remember, you can also contact us through this website’s chat facility and booking form. Want to know how much your service will cost? Don’t worry - you’ll get a preliminary quotation.

Get a Flexible Handyman in Manchester

  • Your handyman in Manchester can help you with any number of different chores – this even extends to total property refurbishments
  • There’s nothing to stop from you from having your service performed on a weekend or Bank Holiday, instead of a weekday
  • Customer care professionals keep themselves reachable round-the-clock, so you can book or ask for a quote whenever you’re free
  • If you can no longer be present during the appointment you originally booked you can cancel or reschedule with ease – just give 48 hours notice
  • Need two or more services? If you schedule them all you’ll qualify for an amazing discount – get odd jobsfurniture assembly, and more, all done together

How Can Felix's Manchester Handyman Help You?

The Manchester handyman service you book can cover a whole range of tasks. Find more details below...

Looking to enhance the look and feel of your premises? Your technician can help you fit new flooring or tiling in any room, paint and decorate your walls and ceilings, as well as complete comprehensive property refurbishments.

Want to take care of all those little chores? We specialise in odd jobs like adjusting cupboard door hinges, baby proofing, and more. And if you need us to fix your possessions to your walls or help you assemble that pesky flat pack, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Need expert help with more complex issues? We can send you specialists in plumbing, electrical services, and carpentry. This means you can get help with any leaks, faults, or breaks.

Don’t forget! You can find out more about each of our individual services by clicking on this link.

Handyman Services in Manchester by Felix's Professionals

Experienced, fully vetted experts dressed in clean uniforms carrying full identification. That’s who you’ll be sent when you book our handyman services in Manchester. Remember, you won’t need to worry about supplying any of the tools or products required to complete your particular session – your technicians will bring everything. And once they get to work, there won’t be a moment wasted.